JOHN POLLACK has spent more than two decades working in journalism, politics, government, nonprofits and the private sector — experience that enables him to offer insightful counsel to leaders and organizations seeking to bring about change.

In addition to his work as a Presidential Speechwriter for Bill Clinton, his service on Capitol Hill and his labors on a range of political and public interest campaigns, John spent several years as a project manager at The Henry Ford, a museum of American innovation. As a consultant, he has worked with major foundations, libraries, museums and philanthropies to help them articulate their goals, build support and communicate more effectively.

John’s approach has evolved to focus on the effective use of analogy. Broadly defined, an analogy is a comparison that asserts a parallel, explicit or implicit, between two distinct things based on the perception of a shared property or relation. And although analogies often operate subtly or even unnoticed, they all make an argument. And whether one aims to redefine a challenge, prevail in a debate or rally support for a cause, whoever makes the best analogy usually wins.

Known for his curiosity, creativity, insight and enthusiasm, John works with clients to help them:

  • Recognize the analogies that define and impact their performance in the public arena
  • Better identify their challenges and opportunities
  • Reframe arguments to become more persuasive
  • Design and execute strategies to achieve their goals

To explore possibilities, contact John at