JOHN POLLACK has counseled private sector clients since 2002. During that time, he has advised CEOs and other senior leaders on a range of strategic, creative and communication challenges. John's approach is unique: he helps leaders and companies understand how the analogies they use or accept shape not just their thinking, but outcomes — and how to choose better ones.

Broadly defined, an analogy is a comparison that asserts a parallel, explicit or implicit, between two distinct things based on the perception of a shared property or relation. And although analogies often operate subtly or even unnoticed in forms as diverse as business models, lawsuits, ads, algorithms and sports clichés, they all make an argument. And whether someone aims to prevail in a dispute, outsell the competition or claim victory in a campaign, whoever makes the best analogy usually wins.

Analogies do more than just persuade, however — they also play a vital, catalytic role in innovation. From the loose coins that gave Johannes Gutenberg the idea for moveable type, to the Chicago slaughterhouse that inspired Henry Ford’s first moving assembly line, to the virtual “desktop” that Steve Jobs envisioned as a friendly Macintosh computer, analogies have played a dynamic role in shaping the world around us — and still do today. 

Known for his curiosity, creativity, insight and enthusiasm, John works with clients to help them:

  • Recognize the analogies that guide their company and impact its performance
  • Reframe analogies to better identify challenges and opportunities
  • Hone their team's analogical instinct to become more innovative
  • Identify the right analogies to persuade and sell more effectively, whether the target audience is comprised of investors, customers, employees or media

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